February 2nd, 2010

RenoTactical was a company that I started in the spring of 2007. My goal was to put a Firearms / Personal safety school together, that would be the finest in the Northern Nevada location. I have all my instructors continually update their training. Each instructor is a specialist in his or her field. My instructors will attend a class to update their skills minimum once every year. Most of my instructors exceed that on their own. They have a passion for what they do and that passion shows in their classes.

When you leave a RenoTactical CCW Class I want you to feel confident in your knowledge of the Concealed Carry Weapons laws for the state of Nevada. If you don’t, we will work with you one on one until you have the confidence needed to comfortably carry. I do not have 20 students to one instructor classes. All my classes will not exceed a five to one ratio. Most classes are two to one. Every student will have the personal attention that they need to feel confident in the subject of the class.

As the CCW classes grew I got more and more inquiries for more gun handling skills for the concealed carry weapons carrier. This was the development of the CCWII class or advanced CCW. This class is designed to teach you how to carry a firearm for your safety. How to recognize dangerous situations before you get in one. How to conceal your firearm and draw from concealment. We will teach you drills to improve your shooting ability on your own.

  • Firearms Safety
  • CCW
  • CCW II
  • LEOSA Re-cert
  • Tactical Handgun I & II
  • AR Style
  • AK Style
  • Shotgun
  • NRA Registration

Nevada CCW is accepted in: Montana, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, So Dakota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri, Louisiana, Alaska, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, West Virginia.